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Waqas’s poetry collection “Hold Your Breath” launched

Islamabad: Book launch of Waqas Khwaja’s poetry collection titled as “Hold Your Breath” took place at Pakistan Academy of Letters.

The event was organized by a non-profit literary organization, Sukhan Braey Aman. Iftikhar Arif presided the panel discussion and shared some enlightening thoughts about Waqas Khwaja’s work and also some intimate thoughts about their companionship as poets.

Khayyam Mushir moderated the panel and the panelists,  Harris Khalique, Dr. Munnaza Yaqoob and Ms. Sadaf Raza, shared different literary, sociocultural and political dimensions of Khwaja’s poetry.

Discussion was followed by poetry reading and book signing. Several other volumes of Khwaja’s poetry have also been published.

Khwaja has not only presented his readers with a transformed American poetic tradition but he also presents an evolved South-Asian poetic tradition. Hold Your Breath is a dedication to an Afro-American horticulturalist named Eric Garner.

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